The PERFECT Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with that special someone, or (maybe better yet), having a GALentine’s get together with your favorite gal pals, there’s a very simple formula to make it a great day. Read on and we’ll share with you our two favorite Valentine’s Day staples!

CHOCOLATE (& wine)

Come on. That’s an easy one. You can be single or taken, busy or bored, at home or out at dinner. Chocolate is an easily accessible way to celebrate … well ANY holiday! How about a delicious brownie? To make it especially Valentine-y, cut them into heart shapes and pour a glass of everyone’s favorite pink drink, Rosé! Feelin’ real fancy? Add a scoop of ice cream, and drizzle some delicious flavor-infused Balsamic over it! Check this recipe out!


Whether you curl up with a sweet love story, or a rom-com, putting on a good love-themed flick is a great compliment to your chocolate and wine. A few of our favorites are The Notebook with it’s extra-mushy tale, hilarious Bridesmaids sure to be a GALentine’s crowd pleaser, It Happened One Night for our classic loving movie buffs, and When Harry Met Sally which checks off just about every box! What love story genre is your favorite?

That’s our recipe for a perfect Valentine’s night in! Alternatively, you could stash those brownies in your bag and head to the movie theatre, but we’d have to discourage sneaking the wine in, haha! Happy Valentine’s to all of you from the Sonoma Harvest family!