Thanksgiving Table Setting

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! We absolutely LOVE the spirit of Thanksgiving. It’s all about family, food, and gratitude. What’s not to love? We wanted to take this chance to share with you some of our own traditions and favorites.

When you’re ready to sit down with your most loved family and friends, you head to the table. Some years we go formal with China, white cloth napkins, elaborate table decor. Other years we may celebrate while on vacation with paper plates, and take out. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but if you’d like to make it special (even with plastic utensils!), we drummed up this little table setting example for you!

Here are a couple ways we like to get the whole family involved with the table:

Use butcher paper as a tablecloth: Add crayons to the kids seats and let them color! It will keep them entertained AND will add some unique decor to your table. Ask them to draw something they are thankful for and talk about what they come up with!

Make it a potluck: This is a pretty common way of doing things but it’s worth mentioning. Hosting a holiday meal is a LOT of work! The host/hostess has probably spent all week prepping in various ways (cooking, cleaning & decorating) so offer to bring a dish or ask how you can help. Have everyone bring a few copies of recipe cards for the dish they contribute and you can pass them out to each guest!

Make personalized place cards: Maybe you have a fancy cutting machine, maybe you just write them on index cards. However you go about it, place cards can bring some personalization to your table. Consider putting a message of what you are thankful for inside each card, use old photos of your guests, or have your kiddos make the cards. A personal touch goes a long way.

What are some special ways you make your holiday meals stand apart from others? What are some of your favorite traditions? Does your gathering have special music or do you opt for having the big game and the parade on in the background?

Here we’d like to share a couple of our favorite recipes that we think would be great additions to your menu this holiday season.

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! ♥