Extra Virgin Olive Oil- tips and tricks

The use of Olive oil is nothing new, for hundreds of years now it has been used by many cultures both in the kitchen and for medical treatments. Today, Olive oil is considered to be a health staple for our diet and is believed to reduce cholesterol, fight cancer, help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, Promote healthy skin + hair, and is even used for home improvement purposes such as restoring hardwood floors and kitchen cabinets!

At Sonoma Harvest, we love to experiment with our Extra Virgin Olive Oils on an assortment of foods and tasty recipes. Try a citrus EVOO on a fresh salad with orange wedges, when marinating chicken or fish, or even in a homemade salsa or ceviche dish! Our more savory EVOO’s such as Garlic, Truffle and Basil are perfect used as a drizzler on a caprese salad or pizza, mixed in pasta sauces, pesto sauces and even on bruschetta!

The possibilities are endless! Put on your apron and see what sort of magic happens in your kitchen!