Kicked Up Tri TipKick your favorite roast up a notch with this spicy, sweet, and savory BBQ sauce as a glaze! Truly the best addition for BBQ sandwiches, salads, or with a size of taters!
Easy Peasy Cast Iron PizzaThis recipe is perfect for date night, family fun night, or a Friday night to yourself with a glass of wine. Let your local pizzeria do the heavy lifting and give you more time to catch up on your favorite Netflix show with this easy Cast Iron Pizza.
Butter BoardCharcuterie boards are getting a run for their money this year! Who doesn't love bread and butter before a meal?? Or a mid day snack, we don't judge! Your guests will be in awe of this beautifully plated, simple pleasure.
Garlic ConfitCalling all garlic guys and gals! If you are looking to take your dish to the next level, having this garlic confit on hand is a quick and easy way to do just that!
Baked Apple PandowdyApple pie but make it easy! Fear not, this recipe won't have you making dough from scratch and spending an hour just assembling your pie. Store bought puff pastry and Sonoma Harvest Eureka Lemon Balsamic are your best friends in this quick and easy dessert that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.
Easy Instant Pot Pasta SaladLet's soak up the hot summer months with a cool dish. This easy pasta salad will be cooked up in no time. Make it in the morning and it will be chilled and ready in time for that afternoon BBQ with your friends. Recipe is made using an 8 qt pressure cooker. Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 6 minutes Time to come to pressure: 5 minutes Refrigeration time: 60 minutes Total Time: 76 minutes
Spicy Cucumber SaladThis spicy salad is the perfect compliment to any rice or pasta dish. Whip it up in just minutes and let it chill in the fridge while you make the rest of your meal!
Brie Quesadillas with Mango Lime SalsaWe're back with another way to kick up a basic dish! These quesadillas are anything but ordinary. With creamy melted brie, crunchy apples, and a sweet salsa with a kick, these are a simple pleasure that you won't stop craving anytime soon!
Lemon Artichoke Stuffed MushroomsThis delicious appetizer will wow you! Enjoy these before a nice pasta dish or a simple chicken and veggie dish. These pair wonderfully with a nice bottle of Sonoma County Chardonnay!
Fig, Blue Cheese, and Arugula FlatbreadEasy to assemble and easy to share (or not!)! Enjoy this gourmet flatbread as a shared appetizer or as a main dish alongside a glass of Sonoma Harvest Cabernet Sauvignon.
Pumpkin Black Bean SoupHere comes Fall! Enjoy this seasonal soup alongside a crispy sourdough toast and a leafy green salad. Perfect to bring to a Halloween party, Thanksgiving potluck, or to enjoy in the breakroom at your office!
Black Bean and Sweet Potato Street TacosIn our kitchen, EVERYONE looks forward to Taco Tuesday! There are so many ways to celebrate this weekly theme! Today we're sharing with you our delicious Black Bean & Sweet Potato Tacos. These handheld treats are vegetarian based but definitely don't lack flavor. Enjoy the spices of our popular Smoked Paprika Onion Rub, the heat our Chili Oil Crunch brings, and of course, it wouldn't be a Sonoma Harvest dish without taking the basics to the next level! Skip the classic olive oil and try our Roasted Garlic Olive Oil. Your taste buds will NOT be sorry!
Goat Cheese & Pear FlatbreadCreamy goat cheese, sweet pears and honey, warm Naan crisp on the outside and soft in the center... are you drooling yet?? Try out this delicious crowd pleaser as an appetizer or pair alongside a salad for a perfect dinner. Add some bacon or prosciutto to make it heartier! Bon appetit!
Strawberry & Goat Cheese Spinach SaladHere's a simple, light salad that can stand on it's own, or compliment a fresh entree like chicken, fish, or a flatbread. It's summertime! Pick up some ripe strawberries at the farmers market and hurry home to combine it with nutrient dense spinach, creamy goat cheese, crunchy walnuts, and our sweet but simple Sonoma Harvest Sweet Rosé Vinaigrette. Enjoy!
Mediterranean Pita PizzaLooking for a quick lunch that doesn't sacrifice health? This delicious recipe is full of nutrition AND bursting with flavor! Marinade your own garbanzo beans overnight for a custom flavor and you'll be able to assemble this amazing dish right in the breakroom!
Heartwarming BrowniesIt's the season of love! We've got 3 reasons to celebrate Valentine's Day, regardless of who we celebrate with: chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Let's get to baking!
Garden Ranch PizzaWho doesn't love pizza? It's a go-to in our house. There are so many different ways to enjoy it: homemade, delivery, even frozen! Here's a simple recipe for one of our favorites. An easy crust is made using ingredients you've probably already got on hand. Go with a classic red sauce or try this garlic ranch sauce that couldn't be easier. Top it with the veggies you need to use up from your crisper! One way we like to take it to the next level is by drizzling a flavor-infused olive oil on top! We've got a bunch you can try, but our favorite lately is our new Pesto Parmesan Oil. What kind will you try?
Cranberry Horseradish & Brie CrostiniAppetizer goals: flavorful, decadent, QUICK. Yeah, we're into that! Try out this super simple recipe next time you're invited to bring an appetizer to a get together or when you're hosting a holiday cocktail party!
Honey Apple CrispNothing says Fall like a simple apple crisp, topped with our signature wildflower honey! This is the epitome of a simple, family favorite. Throw this dessert together in a flash, enjoy the aroma it fills your home with, and watch it disappear even quicker when you serve it to your family & friends!
Pumpkin Butter MousseLooking for an easy, yet unique option for the holidays? You'll be surprised with how quick this dessert can be thrown together and your guests will be thrilled with the outcome! Serve this delicious mousse individually in wine glasses, as a pie topping, or simply over cookies! You can also layer your mousse with your crumbles to make a parfait. Start by placing a layer of crumbles in the bottom of each glass, followed by a layer of mousse, crumbles, mousse and more crumbles. You will need 1 ½ cups of cookie crumbles to make the parfaits. Don't have time to make whipped cream? Substitute an 8 oz. container of whipped topping! Make sure to defrost your whipped topping before folding in your Sonoma Harvest Pumpkin Butter Jam. If you use whipped topping, omit the vanilla.
Citrus Spice Brussels Sprout SaladYou are going to LOVE this fresh, healthy, clean dish! It's sweet, salty, crunchy, and has the perfect dash of tang. Leave the bacon and cheese at the door and you've got a vegan salad ready to go! Enjoy it as a starter salad or add chicken or tofu to make it a meal.
Smoked Paprika Sweet Potato HashYou've gotta get a load of this Sweet Potato Hash featuring our new Smoked Paprika Onion Rub! It's a vegetarian way to use this versatile item - have it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It's a great option for making ahead of time and serving throughout the week, which is just what we need when we've got a full schedule! If you try it, let us know how it turned out!
The Perfect Peach Arugula Summer SaladWe absolutely love this simple salad! It combines all the ideal components of the perfect summer salad: leafy greens, sweet summertime peaches, and a tangy fruit infused balsamic drizzle. Best of all, it takes almost no time at all to throw together! We hope you enjoy it at your end of summer BBQ with all the people that mean the most to you.